How to choose your piercing well?

More and more, we are facing a new practice that many people engage in. Indeed, this practice started a few years ago and it is evident that despite the many risks involved in its implementation, the number of practitioners is only increasing. You wonder what it may be. Well this is nothing but the practice of piercing. Some people think of it as a way to express their personality; Others do it just for the shape, because they want to. In short many are the reasons why people give themselves to this practice but that is not what interests us here. In this article we will see how to properly choose his piercing. But before, what exactly do we know about the piercing?

Information on piercing

First, a piercing is a jewel of various shapes that are put on the body in order to beautify it. It can be put on several parts such as; The face, the tongue, the belly, the ears, the nose, the ears, and so on. As soon as you make the decision to place one, you must ensure that you have good hygiene not only of the places but of the person who will do it. Indeed, since the laying of the piercing created a scar, it is better that the good conditions are met so as not to infect the wound; That might create other problems for you. To make sure everything goes well, choose to go and have it placed with a professional in the field.  But how is this happening? To put the piercing, the borer is obliged to pierce your skin to the part where the piercing should be laid, and introduces the jewel. Note that before any piercing, you are advised to check your allergies as some make allergic reactions to the jewellery. Once you have all the information and precautions to take on the laying of a piercing, let's now see how to choose one.

How to choose your piercing well?

The choice of its piercing should be well thought out as it is about your body and the image you want to reflect. Thus, you must first of all, choose your piercing according to your tastes and your morphology. There is no point in taking this risk to not at the end feel comfortable. This also goes through the location of the piercing because you have the possibility to do it in a gaudy way or not. After your tastes, you have to think about your obligations and the different functions that you occupy in the working life. It is true that it is your body and that you are free to do what you want but you also have to take into account the company. You agree that even if you want to do a pretty sight piercing, you will be forced to review your desires because if you work in a bank for example or in a school, it would not be well seen with a good eye not only by your employer but also p Ar the parents. What is sure if you take into account your tastes and obligations, you will be able to choose the piercing you need. In addition, you can also decide to consult a professional of the domain so that he advises you on what to bring your choice. This professional can be a specialist certified by the European Association for Professional piercing; This will only put you in confidence.

Tips for removing a ring stuck on a finger

Did it happen to you once you faced a situation where your ring got stuck on your finger? If the answer is yes, then you know that it is certainly not a part of fun when you try to remove it. There are a number of reasons why this situation. We have for example that your finger is bigger than the ring, or that it has swelled because of heat or a little health concern. The list is still long; But whatever the reason, by reading this article you will know how to remove the ring when you are again confronted with this kind of concern.

First tip: The use of a lubricant

When you have trouble removing a ring from your finger, you are advised to use soap for example. Pass the soap on the finger so that it also passes over and under the ring. and wet lightly. You will see that your finger will start by slipping which will allow the ring to easily slide also and remove it. You can also use oil. The process is the same. Dip your finger in the oil and once you have come out, start by gently pulling on the finger until the ring is removed. Butter, Vaseline, and even creams are products that you could use as lubricants in order to be satisfied.

2nd Tip: The method of the hanging hand

This trick is to suspend the arm containing the finger to the ring that refuses to take off in the air for a while. You wonder, but how is that possible? In fact, by making this gesture, it will allow you to relax a little nerves, which will allow the finger to deflate to facilitate the passage of the ring.

3rd tip: The cold water trick

In cold water, put your hand in it and leave it in for a certain number of minutes. This will shrink your finger at the time T so you can remove the ring. It should be noted that this is not a water in which ice or water is brought out of the refrigerator. It is simply water taken at the tap which is just cold enough.

4th Tip: The method of the fingers

This is to put the index of the hand concerned on the ring that is problematic, and the thumb below the ring. Once the fingers are positioned, you will start to gently pull the ring until it is removed.  

5th tip: The Elastic method

Here, you are advised to attach your finger with an elastic until you reach the ring so that you can pass a tip of the elastic through the end of the ring. Once this step has passed, you will only have to unwind the elastic which will pull the ring to the end of the finger, which will allow you to remove it without any travel. This method generates less pain on the subject.

6th trick: The destruction of the ring

Sometimes all attempts to remove a ring are found to be futile and the finger in question begins to suffer causing you even other pain. If this is the case, you have no choice but to destroy the ring. To do so, you have to cut the ring.  Use a file to make it but take the trouble to protect your finger before doing it; Or you can decide to go see a professional (a jeweller) of the domain.

Tricks for making fancy jewellery

You like to wear fancy jewellery. Did you at least know that you could make them yourself? That is quite possible. You can make your imagination speak by creating your own costume jewellery. Whether it is to offer it or to carry it yourself, do not waste your time wondering what model would be best. Put yourself to work and become a creative artist by making the jewel of your dreams. Reading the article will allow you to see the tools you need to make your costume jewellery. In addition to this, you will see some tricks to make this kind of jewelry. But before we try to give a definition of the jewel. In other words, let's try to describe a little bit what a fancy jewel is.

Description or definition of a costume jewellery

Like all types of jewellery, a novelty gem is an accessory that allows you to bring a special touch to your clothing and your look. This type of jewellery is often made with not very luxurious materials. Among these materials we have for example: wood, beads, shells, and even moulding dough, etc.  In addition, you can easily make them at home, with your hands. We meet fancy jewellery of all kinds. You can find pendants, necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, and many other things. Surprising as it may be, we can see that major brands of jewellery are launching in the making of this type of jewellery.

What are the indispensable tools in making your costume jewellery

Among the tools to have, we have: different kinds of pliers (flat pliers, cutting pliers, round pliers), needles, a pot of glue, and if you want a graduated work table. The flat clamp, is an indispensable tool because it is with it that you will be able to place the rings of the clasps of the chains that you will have to add to your creations. The cutting pliers when at it will allow you to cut the wires in case you use them. The needles are to help you sew the different accessories on your creations. Glue, it helps you to support knots made or to stick other decorating accessories on your creations.

What tricks do you use to make your costume jewellery?

Before you start, you are advised to have already in mind a little idea of what you want to do. This will save you time when you start work. Also, there are several online shops that you can consult to awaken your sense of creativity in order to have a multitude of ideas on what you can do. Once you get the idea, you can get to work. In case you really don't know how to do it, you just have to go on the net. There you will find several tutorials based on what you would like to create. By following the gestures and tips you will see on the net, you will be able to bring your touch in order to personalize the jewellery. So do not hesitate to surpass yourself by creating your jewellery. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring out your personality while dressing up chic and trendy. In summary, we can say that the costume jewellery is made with materials that you can quickly find to carry hands. Moreover, by making yourself these jewels, you have the free course to use and garnish as you want without any constraint.

To which hand to wear an engagement ring

You have just accepted the marriage request of your beloved. But you still have no idea of the hand or the finger, which must wear your engagement ring symbolising the commitment of your future wedding. This article offers you the best ways to wear your precious jewel.  

Wearing the engagement ring according to tradition

The betrothal is customary before the marriage which itself constitutes a capital act in the Union of a couple. Thus, the betrothal derives from the ancient Rome where the betrothed offered a simple iron ring called "pronobum" to their promise as an oath of their union. This ring was worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This way of putting the engagement ring, would also come from an Egyptian belief that, the annular would be the only finger that contains a vein that connects it directly to the heart. This vein was referred to as "Vena amoris", meaning "vein of the Heart" or "vein of Love".  In contemporary times, this tradition continues to be perpetuated, despite our knowledge of the venous network of the different fingers, thanks to the evolution of science. In order to better grasp the essence of this Roman or Egyptian tradition, there is a practical test that you can do yourself. At first glance, it should be noted that each finger of the hand has a symbol. As a result, the shoot symbolizes the parents, the index the siblings, the middle finger represents yourself, the ring finger symbolizes your beloved and then the pinkie, your offspring i.e. your children. Then start the test by joining your two hands, one against the other, holding your fingers in the direction of the vertical. Tilt your majors inward while keeping the other fingers of each of the hands fixed as in the beginning. When you try to separate your thumbs, they will open easily, since your parents will let you realize, at a time of your existence. It is the same if you try to separate your indexes that represent your brothers and sisters: they will eventually found their family. The same with the ear, because like your parents, you will end up to release them in adulthood so that they also base their family. But in the turn of the annular, you will notice that they are difficult, even impossible to separate. This means that you are supposed to be united with your partner for life and that this link is so strong that can not separate you. This test is inspired by Chinese belief.

The wearing of the engagement ring according to the countries and the religions

According to tradition, the engagement ring is on the ring finger of the left hand. This is the case of France but also of Asia, especially China. On the other hand, in some countries like Flanders, for example, the way in which this alliance is carried varies from one province to another. In the east and west of Flanders, it is displayed in the left hand while in other provinces such as Antwerp and Brabant, it is wearing on the right hand. Moreover, in Limburg, it also differs depending on the region. In North America and South Africa, the ring is worn to the left ring finger. As for religious considerations, it should be noted that in orthodox communities, the engagement ring is on the annular of the right hand. On the other hand, in Germany, the Protestants wore it to her right hand and the Catholics to the left. In Islam there is not really a standard for wearing this ring. In other countries such as Norway, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Poland, Austria, Sweden, or Spain, the alliance is emblazoned with the ring finger of the right hand to cause certain religious customs of these countries. In the end, whatever the way it is carried, the essential is the symbol of love and commitment that it represents in your eyes. If you want to follow the tradition you can put it on the right ring finger. But, you also have to consider your tastes and the different uses that you make of your hands on a daily basis in order to put your engagement ring without damaging it.

At what age should you pierce your child’s ears?

What is the ideal age for piercing children’s ears? Does it have to be very early for the child to have no memory of the pain or a little later? In fact, piercing a child’s ears is a very delicate decision, so each parent has to think about it before passing the child through this ordeal. Find in our article answers to your questions on the subject.

The conditions to be assembled before piercing the ears to his child

In reality, there is not really an age required to pierce her child’s ears but there are conditions that are important and that your child should fill. If you choose to pierce your ears from birth as usual in some countries, it is vital to do so after the child has received his tetanus shot. But the risk in this case is that the ears are badly pierced due to the smallness of the baby’s ear lobes. As a result, the child will have asymmetric holes when growing up. Moreover, because of the risk of injury or swallowing, some cribs refuse earrings. The other aspect of the question is that a child under the age of five does not yet have a concept of hygiene so there is a great risk of infection. Considering all these aspects, it would be better to wait at least 3 years of your child before piercing his ears. At this age, the lobe is already quite wall and well positioned.

Waiting for the child’s desire and consent

Some parents choose to wait for the child to ask to have their ears pierced before they start. The advantage here is that the child is already aware of his demand and his sense of fear will diminish when doing so. He will also be able to take personal care of the injury and to ensure his scarring with the help and follow-up of the parents.

Removing medical earrings

It is very easy to remove the medical or piercing earrings. In order for the buckle to remain firmly in the ear and prevent the hole from being refilled, the diameter of the loops you have chosen should have a little more thickness than the classic loops. The same rule must be set for the clasp or stroller. Thus, as soon as the wound is healed, just keep the lobe in one hand and with the second hand remove the clasp. Regarding the medical earring, since its notch is more important, you will need to use a little more force before you can remove it.

How long does it take to keep its piercing earrings?

The most suitable would be to keep the piercing loops over a period of six weeks after piercing the lobe. As far as cartilage is concerned, you have to wait 12 weeks.  In order to heal properly, it is imperative to respect this time limit. As other measures should be taken, the loops should be rotated regularly in the ears and also the lobes disinfected to facilitate healing.

What types of earrings to put after drilling?

After reaching the 6-week time limit, you need to put earrings with stems. The goal is to keep the drilling hole straight. They need to be light because, an earring with weight could be detrimental to the new hole and distort it. Golden earrings must be in the course of 12 months after the withdrawal of the medical loops, in order to avoid any allergic reaction. Indeed, gold is the least allergenic metal that exists. It will allow a good healing and your child will be able to make his choice among the earrings that will be offered to him.